York Road

York Road

York Loop track is within Egmont National Park and follows part of the old Egmont Branch Railway Line which was constructed in 1901 to provide metal for roads and rocks for Port Taranaki. It carried rock from mountain quarries for use on Taranaki’s roads and railways and the breakwater at the port of New Plymouth. The quarry operated until the late 1920s.

The York Rd. Railway was an industrious place. House sites, crusher remains, waterlines, a sand trap and culverts can still be seen. Turn left 100m up the track from the park boundary. On approaching the Crusher site take a two-minute detour to visit the site of the bunk houses and cottages. Return and walk past the old crusher site where the massive retaining wall remains. It was part of the building that housed the crushing machine and other works. Continue over the footbridge and follow the old railway embankments and water pipeline to view the sand trap. On the way you’ll see the rusting remains of the old waterline.


$149 per person (4 person minimum)


5.3km (3 hours)


Guided Tour (Ecological/ Cultural/ Historical commentary by guide), Safety Briefing, Safety Equipment (Carried by Guide)